We set out to capture an emotion without using the spoken word. Shooting at 120 frames per second with the GoPro captured the unique aesthetic of the surfing experience and help us relish in the last shot that shows the stoke of surfing.

Concept test for larger global collaborative surf project to showcase the stoke of surfing.

The Nicaragua Mural Project was the premier for Abel Arts Collective which took place in Gigante, Nicaragua. In collaboration with Project WOO who has been building schools and community centers across Central America since 2006. In collaboration with the Gigante Youth Group and Health Committee, the AAC designed and painted a two wall mural in the village’s new Community Health Center.


For more information check out: abelartscollective.org

A glimpse at how a Husband, Father, Producer & S U R F E R Brett Kirkpatrick finds surfing at the center of his sometimes hectic life.

Music by: enjoythelandscape.com